December 11, 2019

Review The Deadly Spawn (1983)

The Deadly Spawn

As I settled being the wheel (of my PARKED car) with a cooler full of beer in the backseat, I hunkered down for my first drive in movie, The Deadly Spawn.  This was the only film of the night that I've seen before but I've been looking to re-watch it.  The drive in is a whole other experience and the first thing I realized was, "damn was my windshield always this dirty?" The Deadly Spawn has a lot of what you'd expect from such low budget fare like weak acting, a singular location, etc etc... because it seems like whatever the budget was on this movie it all went to one area and that's the creature.  Listen acting, location, wardrobe, lighting, etc whatever, these are all important aspects of filmmaking yadda yadda but they all cost money and to be honest if you don't have an award winning script in hand then fuck those other departments and spend all your money on a dope ass monster.

The Deadly Spawn has one of the coolest fucking creatures in straight up any movie. The fact that this amazingly awesome nightmare worm somehow comes from such a low budget production makes it even more impressive.

And listen just because I joke about all the money being spent on the creature doesn't mean the rest of the movie is bad, in fact it's pretty damn good.  The characters while maybe not portrayed by the greatest thespians of our time are at least written differently from the standard horror movie fodder.  They're decently likable human being that you don't mind spending 80 minutes with. It's surprising how many films with a lot more money manage to fuck this up.

But back to the creature cuz that's why we're all here. There's some great gore sequences as the muti-fanged alien slug munches it's fair share of unlucky side characters. Throw in some surprising deaths and an incredible dinner scene involving some old ladies and plenty of tiny mutant penis-looking vampire worms and you got yourself a genuine fun as fuck wild ride of a film.
Seriously this should be checked out based on the awesome creature work alone at the very least.

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