December 12, 2019

Review Sledgehammer (1983)


This is what I'm fucking talking about.  Just pure SOV insanity. Beam this shit straight into my fucking eyeballs.

It opens with a pretty great skull smashing from the titular weapon then we catch up with our main cast and... well the dudes are just a bunch of meat head jocks who pretty much are exactly what you'd expect, just the most condescending, pandering, misogynists. They treat their girlfriends pretty terribly throughout the run time.  I'm not trying to make light of sexism but considering how goofy these fucks are and how terrible the acting and dialogue is it all comes across as shockingly hilarious.

Yo we haven't even gotten to the killer who is a ghost? I think, they phase in and out of existence and through walls and can teleport people into their evil room (you know it's evil cuz of the pentagram on the wall). And sometimes the killer is a child? Uhm... a super strong child that can withstand the full force closed fist punch of an adult.

There is so much bat shit bonkers stuff about this movie.  The sets are so bare, they're all just empty ass white rooms.  Apparently the final cut was too short so the director made a ton of scenes slow motion just to pad out the runtime.  I can just go on forever listing the ridiculous shit about this movie but that wouldn't really be a review, would it. Just watch it yourself.

This is the one that started it all. The first shot on video direct to video film.  This is movie history and it's absolutely insane. I give this all the stars!

Overall an absolutely amazing night at the drive-in!

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